Jennifer In the City

Jennifer being a financial and affordable lifestyle expert, writer, and commentator means she is always on the GO! From being heavily involved in philanthropic endeavors in Washington, DC and New York to being on the constant look out for the best deals and steals in home décor, health & beauty, and travel, and offering her tips for financial success online and on-air; how does a busy girl do it all?

Well, watch Jennifer as her adventures, experiences, and travels bring you the best  budget-friendly products, vendors & processes to live your best life without going broke! Be sure to check here periodically for her best picks so that finances, affordable living and thriving don’t have to be a chore.

November’s 1st Money Tip!

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I get asked this question all the time! How much to tip in a restaurant and when? Here is a great rule of thumb for tipping and when. When ordering drinks at the bar only? Tip a dollar per drink to the bartender. Ordering food at the bar? Tip 10% of the bill. Dinner in […]

Thursday’s Money Tip!!!

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This week’s Money Tip is How To Save Money on Everyday Expenses The FIRST place to look when trying to save money is at home! How much are you spending on Cable, the Cell Phone Bill, Home Internet and Groceries? Start going through these bills line by line to see where you can cut back. […]

This Week’s Money Tip!!!

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Getting Through the Work Week Without Spending All of Your Cash. It is so easy Monday-Friday to spend all of your money on lunch. The 3pm snack or coffee break and happy hour. But if you continue to do this, you will always be broke. Starting now, bring lunch to work as much as you […]

Best Deals for Fall

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The last days of warm weather can feel a little weird. Fun in the sun is winding down. It’s a time marked mostly by back-to-school sales, but there are deals out there for the adults as well. Sale, sale, sale!!! The Fall is a great time to put your hard-earned money to work. Sales typically […]

The Best $500 You Ever Spent!!

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A little bit of money can go a long way, but we realize that everyone may not have a spare $1,000. So here are a few ideas on what to do with $500. You can definitely make a financial impact. Here’s how:   Get caught up on utility bills. This year we had a long, […]

Don’t Break the Bank on Back to School!

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I could not believe what I was reading!! This year some parents will spend more than $1,000 to get one child ready for school this year, according to a recent article! Follow these tips to save money on your child’s back to school needs. Spending $1,000 on back to school is not necessary!! Take […]

6 Smart Things To Do with $1,000 That Will Make You Richer!!!

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You just received an extra $1,000 from a bonus, tax refund, inheritance or some other windfall. What do you do with the money now? Of course, your first thought may be to spend it all, especially since it is “found” money, but wait, there are better choices. Here are 6 smart ways to use that […]

Youth H20, Great Product and Here’s How You Can Try It!!

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When I first came across Youth H20, I thought it was just another energy drink. How wrong was I! Youth H20 is made up of some of the best ingredients for your body and overall health. Purple corn, organic maca and organic camu which together is a powerhouse formula that gives you cell-protecting antioxidants, protection […]

Women, Money & Business

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Last week I was asked to be a guest on WHUR’s “The Daily Drum.’ This radio program covers local and national happenings and gives its listeners great insight into current issues and matters of the day. The show focused on an article on the explosion of minority women entrepreneurs and not only the workers they […]

Product and Service Reviews

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As a Financial and Affordable Lifestyle Expert, I am often asked to review or give an opinion on products and/or services for the everyday consumer. I am typically compensated in some way to provide my opinion on products, services, and various other topics. These opinions are only derived by my direct use of the product […]