Jennifer Streaks

Jennifer Streaks started her career working in financial compliance for major banking institutions. In 2005, when the economy started a downward spiral and the housing bubble burst, Jennifer, armed with an MBA, found herself at the center of the storm helping individuals save their homes and pay off their credit card debt.

With a knack for getting to the heart of the matter and making people feel at ease when discussing their most personal financial issues, Jennifer found herself on the media and lecture circuit; and this is where her financial journalism career took off. Discussing topics that everyday Americans want to know about from debt, healthcare and retirement to how save money on everyday bills like groceries, utilities and prescriptions.

Jennifer has been on every major TV and radio network (MSNBC, FOX, Fox Business, AlJazeera, CCTV, MarketWatch) and has been published in several national magazines providing practical financial advice that everyone and anyone can immediately put to use to see a change in their financial picture. She has also been called on to report on major financial changes and disruptions such as the foreclosure mess, changes in credit card rules, the increase in prepaid debit card usage and the continued shortage of jobs and the impact on the economy.

Consistently, described as “highly intelligent, witty & easy to work with, Jennifer has earned a law degree from Howard University School of Law and an MBA from The Johns Hopkins University Carey School of Business.

So how does this benefit you?

Jennifer being a financial and affordable lifestyle expert, writer, and commentator means she is always on the GO! From being heavily involved in philanthropic endeavors in Washington, DC and New York to being on the constant look out for the best deals and steals in home décor, health & beauty, and travel, and offering her tips for financial success online and on-air; how does a busy girl do it all?

Well, watch Jennifer as her adventures, experiences, and travels bring you the best budget-friendly products, vendors & processes to live your best life without breaking the bank! Be sure to check here often for her best picks so that finances, affordable living and thriving don’t have to be a chore.