6 Smart Things to do With Your Tax Refund!

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It’s that time of year, tax refund season, yes, that time when some of you get money back from your tax return.  What do you do with the money now? Of course, your first thought may be to spend it all, especially since it is “found” money, but wait, there are better choices. Here are […]

5 Places You Should Not Use Your Debit Card

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These days everything is about convenience and it has never been easier to spend your money.  Every store takes your debit card, there are ATM kiosks everywhere and now you can even tap you phone in a store and pay with the stored financial information. But does it pay to use your debit card all […]

The Best Way to Improve Your Credit, Start Now

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Credit has become such a big part of our lives, from buying a house or car to health insurance and employment background checks. Credit is important. Looking to improve yours this year? Follow these tips to get started!   Pull a free copy of your credit report. Know where you stand with your credit now. […]