Jennifer In the City

Jennifer being a financial and affordable lifestyle expert, writer, and commentator means she is always on the GO! From being heavily involved in philanthropic endeavors in Washington, DC and New York to being on the constant look out for the best deals and steals in home décor, health & beauty, and travel, and offering her tips for financial success online and on-air; how does a busy girl do it all?

Well, watch Jennifer as her adventures, experiences, and travels bring you the best  budget-friendly products, vendors & processes to live your best life without going broke! Be sure to check here periodically for her best picks so that finances, affordable living and thriving don’t have to be a chore.

How to Still Save Money during the Summer Months

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This is the favorite time of year. A time filled with backyard barbecues, days on the water, shopping and traveling. With so much to do, it can really put a hit on your wallet. So, how do you enjoy the summer months without overspending and also, how do you stick to a budget and continue […]

Money And Business: Starting Your Own Business

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Right now, there is an explosion of entrepreneurs and more and more people wanting to start a business.  Many have great ideas, but want to make sure they are doing it the right way so that the business will be successful. Here are a few tips to get you started:   1.) What should these […]

6 Smart Things to do With Your Tax Refund!

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It’s that time of year, tax refund season, yes, that time when some of you get money back from your tax return.  What do you do with the money now? Of course, your first thought may be to spend it all, especially since it is “found” money, but wait, there are better choices. Here are […]

5 Places You Should Not Use Your Debit Card

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These days everything is about convenience and it has never been easier to spend your money.  Every store takes your debit card, there are ATM kiosks everywhere and now you can even tap you phone in a store and pay with the stored financial information. But does it pay to use your debit card all […]

The Best Way to Improve Your Credit, Start Now

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Credit has become such a big part of our lives, from buying a house or car to health insurance and employment background checks. Credit is important. Looking to improve yours this year? Follow these tips to get started!   Pull a free copy of your credit report. Know where you stand with your credit now. […]

Taking Charge of Your Finances in 2016!!

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It is a New Year and that means a fresh start and a great time to get your money under control! Follow these tips to take charge of your finances in 2016! 1.) Write it all down! Figure out where your money is going. I can’t tell you how many people get to the end […]

A Great Thanksgiving Without Breaking the Bank!!!

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Use My Tips for so you can enjoy your Thanksgiving without breaking the bank!   Keep an eye out for local deals. Local newspapers and TV stations often post updated lists the weeks before Thanksgiving on food prices at various grocery stores.  Cross referencing with your grocery list is one way to shave a few […]